Monday, July 11, 2011

This Dog's for Cats!

I know, it's a little weird--you'd think that if a dog were going to advocate for something it would be a cause strictly "for the dogs." But not me, you guys. I'm a dog that works for cats!

It all started when my person came to work at Alley Cat Allies. She makes the internet for them! And lucky for me I get to come to work with her whenever I want. If you follow me on Twitter you know my regular go-to-work days are Tuesday and Thursday. The rest of the time I stay home and sleep on the couch. haha!

However, I take going to work pretty seriously. I perform valuable services for my co-workers like:
  • Making sure they take much needed breaks by sneaking into their workspaces for pets, or soliciting bellyrubs in the hallway.
  • Graciously letting the office cats sleep on my bed
  • Serving as the hallway "speed bump" by sleeping in the middle of the floor
  • Alerting everyone when a package is dropped off (also known as the 4pm bark)
  • Giving valuable input during meetings ("arf!" "yaaaaawn" "itchitchitchitch")
  • Keeping the meeting rooms well ventilated by asking to go out, and then come back (repeat as necessary)
  • Helping the Office Cats clean their plates if the kitchen door is left open or if a bowl of food is on the floor
  • Providing psychological services, such as secret keeping, cuddling, and private council sessions
  • ...etc!
And I also help directly advocate for cats by:
  • Having my face on our mugs and t-shirts
  • Getting the word out about stray and feral cat issues on social media networks
  • Appearing in our weekly LOLcats
  • Generally serving as a furry ambassador for cats
But it's just not the great workplace and committed person that keeps me advocating for stray cats. Not only was I once a stray myself, but stray and feral cats especially get a really bad rap. For instance, some say cats are okay, but only if they're indoors. Nevermind the sobering statistic that 70% of all cats who enter US pounds and shelters are killed, and that nearly ALL feral cats are killed. I believe if we can make things better for stray and feral cats--one of the most maligned and misunderstood animals around--we make things better for all animals. And humans, too!

That's why this week I'll be talking all about cats. Hopefully I'll be able to clear up some misconceptions about cats outdoors, and together we can help improve the lives of cats everywhere!

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