Sunday, July 8, 2012


It's the LAST DAY of THE KITTENING and this morning those little fuzzy britches treated my lady to some lap time.

They also helped with the laundry:

And with updating stuff on the interwebs:

Around dinner time Early Grey and Biscuit's foster, Amanda, came by to pick them up. She brought us some thank you goodies: beer for the feeling, Sherlock Holmes for the lady, and treats for me. What a thoughtful lady!

My lady was sad to see Earl Grey and Biscuit go, but they're off to their next adventure: meeting other kittens, some grown cats, and another dog. And hopefully getting adopted into their forever home, soon.

My next adventure is catching up on some sleep!

THE KITTENING - Day Nine... Part 2!

We stayed up late last night so there are MORE kitten antics to share!

First, the lady was getting eyeboggled from staring at the computer so much so she decided to read a BOOK and the kittens were there to help.

Hard to read when you're STANDING ON IT, Biscuit.

Earl Grey, using this Sherlock Holmes book as a slide.

Biscuit, demonstrating proper book reading etiquette.

When they were tired of book reading, Earl Grey and Biscuit took to the couch for a wrestle.

I was brave enough to sit on the couch while they were rough housing. Having my person there to reassure me helped a lot.

Soon, though the kittens got sleepy. Biscuit's a big fan of lounging all over the lady's laptop, and Earl Grey opted to curly up on the back of the couch by her shoulder.

With everything peaceful and nice, and with everyone so close together, Biscuit got a little curious.

My, look at these toe tufts!

Look. Look you guys. I'm TOUCHING THEM.

Earl Grey was interested, but a bit suspicious.

Here's a video! You can see how cute and well behaved we all are.

After a bit, I got up to leave to go sleep near my dog bed. Earl Grey got up to follow me! He looked like he wanted to give me a cuddle but instead he opted for going on my dog bed.

Earl Grey does this crazy thing where he will close his eyes and start kneading and suckling on something soft. My lady says it's probably because he misses his mommy cat. He started doing that to my dog bed! My fella had never seen such a thing before, so he came over to see what was going on.

"That's so weird!" "Is he hungry?" "Does he need a saucer of milk?"
"Nope, it's just a thing some kittens do."

Meanwhile, Biscuit was perfecting his skills as a lap cat.

After a little bit both the kittens got thirsty so they wandered over to one of my dog bowls for a drink. Make yourself at home, why dontcha?

That seemed like a good time to take them to their room to bed--so that's what my lady did! It was a big night for us all--and as THE KITTENING comes to a close--also our last.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


The kittens have been kind of mellowing out, lately! In the morning we caught them sleeping together on the bathmat.

oh, hey.

Streeetching awake.

They sometimes fight all over my lady's lap, but this time they both wanted to climb up in it and have a snuggle.

Let us on, please!

ah, this is nice, right?

The snugglyness didn't last long, though! Soon it was time to play.

My people thought I was doing such a great job sharing the house and all my things with our kitten visitors that they got me a bone. Wouldn't know you know it--those kittens were interested in it, too!

Earl Grey confidently came right up to me nomming on my bone. I growled a little, but he didn't seem to mind that at all. My lady petted all around my face to remind me that I didn't need to worry my bone getting stolen.

Don't take it, please!

Biscuit wanted to know about my bone, too, but he wasn't as bold as Earl Grey.

Biscuit, watching from the safety of my lady's lap.

Fortunately for me the kittens weren't interested in actually eating my bone. They just wanted to know what I was up to.

Both kittens, following me and my bone.

I think knowing that my lady was supervising us made us all a lot more confident with each other. I came up on the couch with her and didn't even mind when the kittens jumped up to join us.

Biscuit, popping up.

Earl Grey, too.

These cats sure do take their names seriously, too.

Would you like a cuppa tea?

Don't mind if I do!

Earl Grey is a big fan of my lady's hair. When he's on the couch he'll come up around her neck and play with it. Sometimes his party gets crashed by Biscuit, though.

Om nom nom.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Today the kittens tried making some new friends!

Biscuit discovers Dorsia.

...and so does Earl Grey!

They also tried paling around with my fella. He's allergic to kittens so he's been pretty hands off, so far. But I think their cute is getting to him, at least a little.

Can you spot Biscuits white paws?

Earl Grey takes a more direct approach.

Biscuit is more of a lap cat than Earl Grey, but since he likes my lady so much he tried being mellow out for a minute while she was watching a movie. It didn't last long!

Good effort, Earl Grey.

Also, did I mention they like the bathtub? They're both pros at jumping in and out and even walked in between the shower curtains one morning when my lady was in there!

Get outta there!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


We had a mellow evening tonight--and Biscuit was extra busy!

Playing with the feather toy.

Trying to steal some drinks.

Helping my fella paint.

Spying on ME.

Of course, Earl Grey was up to things, too. He was just off playing by himself.

In the later part of the evening my fella was painting and my lady was watching a DVD of her favorite show, Sherlock.

Earl Grey and Biscuit--more interested in the feather toy.

A relaxing evening was just want I needed! Keeping track of those kittens is wearing me out!